1. The League shall be called “Coventry Sunday Bowls League” and shall be affiliated to the North Midlands B.A.
2. All players (male only) must be separately registered by name and B.C.G.B.A. number to the League and may not be registered by more than one club. All registrations must be in the hands of the match secretary 7 days before playing a match. Players may only play for one club and no player may play for more than one team on the same fixture date.
3. Players allowed to play in any team except for the last four matches. Only players who move up during this period will be allowed to move down.
4. Results sheets to be posted, emails or delivered by hand by the home team to the match secretary to arrive no later than the following Wednesday. Failure to do so a fine of one pound to be imposed. League games to take precedence over outside competitions. Teams may arrange and play games before the original date; only due to unforeseen circumstances can a match be otherwise cancelled, the home team being responsible for notifying the match secretary. This must be played within 21 days , or 7 days following the last fixture, whichever applies. Failure to comply, a fine of 12 pounds to be imposed on the offending club, or clubs, with a possible forfeiture of points.
5. All games to commence at 10.45am when played on Sunday mornings, and no later than 6.30pm when played on Sunday night, and not later that 6.00pm April & September onwards. All players to be present by 11.30am mornings and 7.15pm April & September onwards.
6. Home win to count two points. Draw at home one point. Away win to count three points. Away draw two points. One point to be awarded for each game won. Promotion and relegation to apply to all divisions. Individual aggregate to count home win two points, away win three points. Equal points for aggregate shots to count. If teams are players short then Results Sheet to be marked W.O. and result to be 21-0. For aggregate purposes 21-11 home win 21-15 away win.
7. COMPETITIONS: All competitions, preliminary round or finals shall be played to a conclusion on the dates agreed. Only adverse conditions affecting the greens will be taken into consideration. K/O Cup: In the event of a tied match the captains to select one player from each team to play a decider, with the individual players handicap on the score sheet. In the event of a team failing to turn up for a cup match the offending team must enter six names on the team sheet, the players nominated then become cup tied.
8. Any club not represented at a meeting will be fined two pounds for missing the first meeting. Fines will double for every subsequent meeting missed within twelve months. Any club not represented at the A.G.M which will be held on the second Tuesday in December at 7.15pm, will be fined ten pounds.
9. Any dispute which may arise in connection with the League and not covered by these Rules shall be dealt with by the Bowls Committee whose decision shall be final. Same to consist of one delegate from each club
10. Trophies to be returned one month prior to annual presentations. League to be responsible for engraving, clubs for any damage.
11. That each Club in membership is required to accept two annual prize presentation tickets “non-returnable” for each team entered into the league.
12. In league matches and all league competitions all players must wear suitable clothing. Sleeveless tops are not allowed.
13. All competitions home bowlers handicapped two shots and players toss for the jack.

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